My Go To Morning Punch - Punch Buggy


Here I am, writing my first post. It's 10:00 AM and I just finished my daily morning cup of Joe. Being the sole individual who enjoys quality coffee in my household, I tend to only buy one bag of coffee at a time because freshly roasted coffee is so much better than stale junk. The current poison of choice is the Punch Buggy Espresso by Detour Coffee. I don't have an espresso machine and my preferred home brewing tool is the single serving french press - quick, simple and easy to clean. I must give a big shout out to the guys at Melk who grounded the beans for me. I must admit, I have much to learn in the art of coffee and one of them is figuring out how to properly grind coffee beans. I use a blade grinder and it just never seems to be just right. Either my grind is too coarse and does not extract enough or too fine allowing the beans to just sip right through the filter making for a sandy drink.

I'll stop blabbering on and get right down to business - is the Punch Buggy any good? A generous tablespoon for half a cup of boiling water and 4 minutes later I've got myself my morning boost. Velvety in texture, this Detour blend of 70% Cachoeira da Grama (Brazil) and 30% Chelelektu (Ethiopia) is rich in flavour full of chocolate highlights and a hint of fruity sweetness. There really isn't that much more to say. It goes down smoothly and presents itself with barely, if any, acidity which is something I do appreciate in the morning as I'm not one for rough starts to the day. Also noteworthy is how, as it cools down, the coffee does not gain bitterness nor lose taste which means you can safely leave it on your desk as you go through your morning round of never-ending emails. All in all, if you're looking for a coffee rich in flavour and texture regardless of its temperature and you're a fan of chocolate well the Punch Buggy Espresso is for you.