My New Home

London, London, London. It's nearly been half a year in this lovely little town of over 8.5 million. Busy doesn't even start to describe this city. 

Before I get on with London, let me tell you what's happening here and what this part of the blog will be for. Travel, this will be for everything about travel. Odds are that it will be kept to cities and countries I visit but maybe, occasionally, once I put a few more miles under my belt, I will share some tips and tricks that I will pick up along the way. If it's different then it shall be different, it's my blog after all. 

Now onto what's happening with me in London. I arrived here on March 31st 2015 and spent the following few months living with friends and family. I am now settled in my East London flat with a couple of Montreal friends. Noticed how lucky I am yet? To be honest, the support system and the circumstances at the time were screaming for me to move to London and so I did. One big question is probably still on your mind at this point. "What's he been doing for money?" Fear not, my luck didn't run out. All of 9 days after landing in London. That's all it took for me to find a job and sign a contract for a full time, permanent position at a fantastic high growth tech company - I'm not saying this because it's my current location of employment but I am truly having a blast and learning heaps. Not all of it is luck of course. A great deal of it can be explained by a will to take a leap when the stars looked aligned and then hustle to make it all work and stick. 

I want to tell you that I have been doing loads of traveling and discovery around London since I arrived but I would be lying to you. I have been to London a number of times before and before you go mouthing off about me, keep the following in mind. I have very close family in London and when you only get to see them when either they come and see you or you go and see them, your yearly vacation tends to have the destination of London. It sure helps when you don't need to budget in lodging for your vacation. 

This time though I'm here as a grown up, job in hand, budget in mind but with a deep will to travel. Edinburgh already happened and odds are, I'll be going back, more about that in a later post. Some English countryside will have to happen sometime soon but for now Brussels is in the books for November and many more travel destinations are in mind. This is where I sign off for now.